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Be Careful Of Fake Uber Drivers, This Is What Happened To A Young Lady Yesterday

We live in a wicked world, full of vultures who are always looking for an opportunity to prey on innocent individuals. It is very sad that our law is not tight enough to make perpetrators to be afraid of prison, you find people committing crime confidently and not having to look over their shoulders. Law abiding citizens are the ones who live in fear and have to look over their shoulders everyday, it is more disheartening that some of these people experience crime in their own homes.

Law abiding citizens have to live with the trauma of their past experiences or what they hear on media, we are not safe. People were extremely excited when an uber was introduced, they were glad that they won't have to take a taxi anymore. There are a lot of advantages in taking an uber compared to a taxi, an uber leaves you in your desired destination in an affordable price while a taxi doesn't. Some people are clusterphobic, therefore this is the best way for them to travel.

People have been looking for a way to substitute taxis since there's too much violence in the taxi industry. The taxi violence has claimed so many lives including the ones of innocent individuals which has made many people to become insecure. There's also too much competition which causes the drivers to use high speed and it often leads to accidents. There are many other reasons which make people prefer taking an uber than a taxi.

The taxi industry has noticed that it has been substituted and they want to eliminate their competition, they often fight uber driver and the passengers. This has not changed people's minds about choosing an uber over a taxi, but there's only one problem. When it comes to safety of a passenger, a taxi is much better because you ride with a lot of people. Many uber passangers have been taken advantage of, this has caused insecurities.

An alleged uber driver assaulted a passenger yesterday, the victim went to share on her social media and the driver boasted about it. He is not showing any kind of remorse and he's expecting the lady to be grateful that he did not do worse to her.

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