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Theft robbery

'This Is What Armed Robbers Did Inside A Pakistan National Shop


The video footage shows three suspects perpetrating a robbery inside the Pakistan national shop which is believed to be selling cell phones, and there are many speculations that the Pakistan nationals are purchasing cell phones that are stolen from ordinary members of the public.

That is why most do not sympathize with them despite this being a somewhat painful experience for them, you could see towards the end of the video that they had made an attempt to chase the suspects who had disappeared in different directions.

At the moment it is unclear if they were in possession of a vehicle or not but chances are they were very much in possession of a vehicle, and they had made no attempt to flee the scene in their vehicle.

What we noticed was the fact that the perpetrators of crimes simply ran in different directions and they were going to convene later on in order to split the loot, that is something that the victims could have taken advantage of.

Chased the suspects until they caught them because it's not believed that the suspects should have been able to fire their weapons in public, they just had to muster up the courage to do so they had the numbers but not the drive.

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