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Road Accident

Fuel truck overturned on R76 road in Kroonstad people are helping themselves with fuel

Fuel truck overturned on the road R76 in Kroonstad this morning and this what happened, immediately resident gathered to the accident scene with buckets to help themselves over the fuel inside the overturned truck.

People risk their live over fuel this could turn into nightmare in seconds if the truck catches fire, we once saw this happening years back where by looter Pershing into fire after an overturned fuel truck caught fire and burned to death people.

It is understandable that fuel is expensive now but risking live like this is terrible, on the picture a number of people came with things to get a share of the fuel left inside children, women and men.

It was reported that the residents ignored the truck driver stuck inside, his safety belt would not release after the crash but here are people opening the truck and looting on the side and the truck driver was help by the police on their arrival and luckily the truck didn't caught fire and the police chased away every one.

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