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Deny, deny and deny : Rosemary Ndlovu

Rosemary Nomia Ndlovu is denying every evidence brought forth by the court. She's denied killing all 6 famy member using a hit man. She denies hiring a hitman or having any relationship with the hitman. She denies using the insurance payouts she's been getting for her deceased family member for her own personal gains. She denies plotting to kill her mum and sister that escaped the killings. She also denied knowing the exact police stations where some of the people she's accused of killings's bodies were.

When her family testified they also mentioned that she called them crying hiaterically informing them of the death of her cousin before the body was even discovered, she denies that too. Four days ago while she was in court she also mentioned that she does not know what they are talking about and they can say what they want but fact remains she knows nothing.

The former constable must be very clues up on how to delay the process or sentence because she's not admitting to nothing and she's saying all that they are causing her of, there's no proof to all those accusations. So Rosemary wants proof from the court of whatever accusations. This is going to be a lengthy and difficult case to resolve. We hope the court gathers much evidence for when the court resumes because Rosemary is washing her hands and denying all accusations. I guess she's applying the "innocent TL proven guilty" principle. She knows better, she is a former police constable. It is going to be very difficult to put her behind bars. But one thing about the law. They will get to eh e bottom of this her sentencing might take long but she will be sentenced. Where there is smoke there is fire. All this witnesses can not just wake up and plan to pin all this 6 people 's deaths on to her. The investigators must work extra hard to get solid evidence that she won't even be able to say anything. Maybe cctv footages, telephone recordings might be very helpful. Even after a video was produced Rosemary denied still. She even acts very wierd during her court appearances. When they take photos of her she poses. Changes positions for the camera to take different snaps. She even changes hairstyles in every court appearance. She also brought snacks to court. Wow! What a nerve, even after this accusations she still had the time to go get new hair done and even go to the shops to get snacks while going to court. This woman can't be serious. She's acting as if nothing is happening a d unfortunately this might be just self consolidation. I mean not even an innocent person acts the way she does. She's faces with a possibility of 6 murders. But she's just moving on as if nothing is happening. No matter how innocent you are this is a very serious accusation to be living life as if there's nothing wrong. We won't be suprised if she's admitted to a psychiatric hospital on the long run because she's not acting Normal.

But one thing about the law, u can run but won't hide. Someone has to pay for this 6 people's deaths.

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