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Nelspruit Teenager Who Went Missing On Wednesday Found With Friend Planning To Go To Durban

The family of a girl who went missing on Wednesday who's showing gratitude people who helped them in looking for their loved one and shared love and support. The young girl left home wearing school uniform and that worried the family a lot as they were not aware of her whereabouts and she did not even inform anyone which is proof that she was trying to run away. It seems like her phone was off and they could not reach her which ended up pushing them to post her online and report her as a missing person. This caused the parents to worry as many people who go missing nowadays are usually found that which is why people panic when a loved one goes missing.

Fortunately the young girl was found unharmed and it is said that she was found at eMoyeni with a friend who she was planning to go with to Durban. This came as a shock to many people as they were helping and sharing the link of this girl is a missing person and they are wondering how the family feels as they had to go as far as social media just to look for those girl who was out there planning to go on a trip with someone. It is quite clear that children do not think of the stress that they cause to their parents whenever they are planning to do something which is not fair at all.

children have to learn that such things have got consequences and one day they will go missing for real but no one will look for them as it will be assumed that they are just out there planning to go on trips. Therefore it is important to always communicate with your family even if you know that they will not allow you to go anywhere rather than acting as if you are missing.

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