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National Liquor Traders Council says the owner of the tavern in East London tavern broke the rules

The National Liquor Traders Council says the owner of the tavern where the East London tragedy happened, broke the cardinal rule. Liquor should not be sold to persons under the age of 18.

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Here are comments about what happened in East London tavern

"Parents also broke a cardinal rule.. Failure to look after your child... Remember it's not easy to be a parent but we don't just sit back and say this is how kids are and we leave them no we deal with them until they come right lazy parenting has serious consequences.. And we need to remember that you bend a tree while it's young... Parents are the ones who destroyed their own kids by spoiling them.. This is so sad what a painful lesson"

"Also parents are to blame, how do you feel or sleep at night without your child under the roof? They were still minors, they were supposed to be at home, not galavanting at the streets, parents failed this time, we should not blame the government or the tavern owner. Charity begins at home."

"Most Tarven are always breaching that cardinal rule if that is a case because in most townships in South Africa young black kids are consuming alcohol freely with no age limitations"

"Pointing fingers won't help it's hard to identify a person in a crowded place that they're under age, especially kids of today with their physical appearance."

"Show me a tavern that doesn't break a rule ... all tarvens are the same"

"They need attention in SA Alcohol is sold to everyone, as a council which measures they implemented to ensure that liquor is not sold to under age, they know very well that their business is supported by kids"

"But who is to ensure that this law applied? And how do you nowadays differentiate a 15 year old and a 28 year old, 15 year old are like 35 year old and no one carry thier identity to bars or tarvens"

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East London National Liquor Traders Council


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