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I Want To Go Back To Prison Because Life Here Is Very Difficult For Me To Handle- Man Laments

The law of every nation is formed to instruct people to be better persons and indigenous people on this land. If anyone violates the law, the repercussions will be. The punishment is often imposed after the defendant has been tried in a court and is sentenced, based on conditions, to a term of imprisonment in custody or in prison. These prisoners look forward to their freedom to see their family back home. But Gambo Mohammed, a Nigerian, is not here.

According to an online video posted by BBC NEWS PIDGIN, 20 years ago Gambo Mohammed attended a wedding ceremony. During the celebrations, a fight broke out between Gambo Mohamed and another wedding guest. Gambo Mohammed did the unconscious and murdered his opponent with a knife, stabbing him.

Gambo Mohammed was accused of killing and found guilty, and a court sentenced him to death. Fortunately, by showing positive behavior, his death sentence was commuted to life imprisonment. Although the prison was cramped and the government sought to avoid the transmission of the coronavirus, the government forgave him and freed him.

Despite his escape, Gambo Mohammed claims he needs to return to jail, since it's tough for him to live beyond the prison walls. He claimed he was well treated and had clean drinking water whilst he was in prison, but after he was released he had struggled to feed.

He confessed that he was puzzled after his release because he had no idea how to reach his house and had to rely on translators for guidance. As he came home, he found that his dad was dead and that his siblings had sold their homes and were not living anymore. He was fortunate when a kind stranger provided him with a place to sleep, but since then life hasn't been kind to him.

He tried to pursue something that would take up his attention, but people continued to deceive him with fake claims of help. He said he wants to marry but that his arrangements are still in existence because he is not financially stable. He confessed to visiting the grave of the individual he killed to pray for him. He asked someone to help him to do something meaningful in his life.

The video gave rise to a host of replies from Facebook users, who used the comments section to express their authentic feelings.


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