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Opinion: A young girl was killed in front of her elder sister, after police men chased her

Opinion: How the police chased and killed a young girl in front of her elder sister.

Her older sister had a car accident on the way home.

Late Monsura assisted her in getting up and moving, and when they arrived at their destination, a police officer followed them inside and shot her in front of her elder sister.

According to this reporter, a police officer shot and killed 18-year-old Monsura, a secondary school student, in her home on Ijeshatedo street in Surulere, Lagos' Itire Ikate Local government, right in front of her older sister.

While the #EndSARS protest in October 2020 against police brutality and other human rights cannot be forgotten so quickly in what appears to be a Nigerian security agency established to ensure security, maintain peace and order now acts against the purpose of their existence, it has been, it is and will it continue to be a concern as Nigerians now live in fear of those meant to ensure security?

The Nigeria Police Force is Nigeria's primary law enforcement organization, and it is typically led by the country's Inspector General of Police.

The agency has personnel stationed in all but one of the nation's 36 states, plus the District of Columbia (FCT).

It's still a mystery as to what motivates agency guys to attack and brutalize inhabitants of the country. They've done this to people of all ages in the past.

The Nigeria Police recently brutally attacked and killed a secondary school girl in Lagos, adding to the litany of persons who have been harassed, brutalized, and even killed by men from Nigeria's primary law enforcement agency.

A brutal attack on a secondary school girl has resulted in her death.

The police in Lagos, Nigeria, took the life of another Nigerian on the 10th of September, 2021.

When Monsura Ojuade died at the hands of police, she was a student at Lagos, Nigeria's Sanya Grammar School.

Recall that one of the recent Nigerian police deaths was that of Jumoke Oyeleke, who was shot dead on July 3rd, during the Yoruba Nation rally in Lagos, by the police who opened fire on fleeing demonstrators, shooting indiscriminately into the dense Ojota neighborhood.

The late Monsura's brother had sent a message on the popular microblogging platform, Twitter, that caught the attention of Mansura.

The young lady passed the JAMB exam with a score of 236 years ago before she passed away.

The brother who goes by the handle @Iris lens_ posted images of Monsura's body in a tweet, along with a voice memo from WhatsApp to prove it.

He posted the following on Twitter:

This is my sister's picture.

Mansura is the name of the person in question.

A police officer shot and killed her without cause late last night.

My sister was murdered and is now resting in a morgue.

A defenseless, innocent soul with a broken heart.

We have no one else to turn to in order to obtain justice for us, but for you.

An appeal for assistance.

Please help us out by retweeting this.



According to Olumide Ojuade, Monsura's brother, who spoke to our correspondent about what happened, Monsura never had any run-ins with the police before she was killed in front of her older sister.

Olumide Ojuade claims that the police chased her and her older sister home, broke in and shot Monsura as a result.

"She was in our mother's shop at 10:40 p.m. when they witnessed a police raid.

They slammed the door behind them as they fled the store.

Her elder sister fell on the way home.

She aided her in getting to her feet and they both proceeded on together. She was shot in front of her older sister as the cop chased them inside their house and fired his gun," he claimed.

In response to a question about whether or not the incident had been reported, he confirmed that it had and that the Ijesha Police Station Division Officer and the Local Government Chairman had come over, but claimed the officer had been involved in an accident.

However, the reason a police officer would break into a family's home without a search or arrest order is still unknown.

Olumide believes the police are'silenci[ing]' the tragedy by doing nothing.

He claims they have remained silent about the case and have just assured them they're working on it and that an inquiry is ongoing.

"There's nothing they're doing.

They just showed in, asked a few questions, and haven't said anything since," Olumide Ojuade claimed.

Nigerians' reactions to Monsura's death define a shift in the purpose for which the agency was established.

The following are examples of Twitter responses:

As one Twitter user, @ACHIEVER 00 put it: "This is disappointing what did we do to deserve this country.

Someone else stated: "Police dey help.

Military assist. Bandits help. Boko haram helps."

Another user, @zesushv1, agreed.

Soon, e won't be able to reach the remaining two victims in this death trap known as Nigeria.

Similarly, @ShexKris views the force as a threat.

He said, "Only in Nigeria could a policeman on duty walk to a beer parlor to drink with his uniform and still go back to work.

no single discipline at all."

They preach all the time that the cops are your friends, yet they also repeatedly make innocent people cry... what if he's an enemy?"

@ChrisOkafor11, who goes under the handle "Chris Okafor," believes that the force's brutal actions are not serving humanity.

In his words, "You don't enlist criminals, put them to inhumane training, and expect them to serve mankind.

This pointless mayhem will continue as long as the seismic foundational issue in the system hasn't been cleaned up properly.

All attempts to get in touch with the Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer seem to confirm that the young lady was hit by a stray bullet while one of the operatives from Panti Division was conducting a raid in Surulere, Lagos.

According to news sources, the police have apprehended and detained the unidentified law enforcement officer who shot and murdered Monsura Ojuade.

When Monsura was shot on September 10th, he passed away on September 11th, 2021 at a hospital from the blood loss caused by the bullet wound.

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