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Video| Boys will always be boys, it ended in tears for the one wearing Orange vest

Fighting is unethical, morally repugnant, and extremely wrong. When someone is upset, fighting may seem like a good idea, but what happens after the fight is never healthy for the individual involved. 

Fighting is intended to inflict harm and injury on other individuals. It is possible for people who are involved in a fight to murder each other, or for one of them to be left unconscious after the battle. It's possible that the only reason is that they know how to fight in the proper manner. 

Fights can occur in boxing, karate, the military, and even in police work, among other sports and professions. These battles are just because they are being fought for a good purpose. If a battle is solely motivated by rage, then something is wrong. No matter who the individuals are, if they are not permitted to fight by the government, their battles are wrong.

In a video that has been spreading on social media, particularly on Twitter, two males are seen engaged in a fight while others who appear to be their friends stand by and watch as the battle unfolds. 

However, efforts were made to avoid major injuries such as broken arms and amputations. For safety's sake, they donned boxing gloves, and the fight didn't last long because it was evident that the guy on the left side of the screen was significantly stronger than his opponent, and it only took him two punches to knock him out. 

However, the man in the orange vest received more than he could handle as he assisted him in getting back on his feet so that they could finish what they had begun. When he was able to stand up again, he used the last of his remaining energy to make his way back to a sofa that was positioned on the other side of the room. 

He just sat there and said nothing, and it was the audience and the person filming the battle who were the ones who were laughing the hardest at him because he had lost the fight and had taken several strong punches to the face without responding. 

People should refrain from fighting unless they are professional fighters and are doing so under supervision in a safe environment since it can result in a tragic outcome. In the worst-case scenario, a person's life could be ended by the injuries they acquire during a fight. If two people are involved in a quarrel that needs to be resolved, it is highly recommended that they communicate instead of resorting to physical violence to resolve their misunderstandings.

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