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OPINION| The Man Destroying Every Zimbabwean's Youth Future

This is the type of life that people like myself are fighting against saying No To Poverty, Zimbabwe sits on US$13 Trillion worth of Gold reserves, but we just don’t have the leadership that knows what needs to be done except looting, hospitals have no medication, roads are potholed, schools have no books, homes have no clean drinking water, youths have no jobs. Yeah this foul mouthed ZANUPF Director of Information Tafadzwa Mugwadi is a youth destroying his own future by defending the ZANUPF looters, the tragedy is that he is destroying every youths’ future too

The problem with people who don't care about their future is that he will destroy his entire future for a cup of rice and 1000 RTGS. We have a big problm in the country individuals must stand up man be man enough and turn around our lives, through being creative not soon that Zimbabwe shall be free from this colonial rule of looters

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Tafadzwa Trillion US$13 ZANUPF Zimbabwe


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