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Road Accident

R.I.P. Qhubekani Moyo's Family Of 3 Was Wiped Out In Horrible Accident

Qhubekani Moyo lost his entire family in a car accident, this is just another incident whereby the family had gotten caught up in a car accident it is believed that this time around it was the fault of the truck driver, who failed to stop just in time when he lost control of the vehicle.

Such accidents are very traumatizing because you can imagine an entire family dying from an accident is something that is not usual when it happens, it is very heartbreaking for the victims as well as their loved ones as they have to get accustomed to a new way of living.

“A truck driver going in the opposite direction dozed off, and swerved into our lane resulting in the collision claiming the lives of my whole family. Now you can understand that he is caught up in a very difficult situation where he is the sole survivor to be in a situation, where he has to come to terms with the fact that the family has died from this accident.

There's no way that such a huge loss can be taken lightly by anyone who is affected and the condolences have been pouring in from the general public as well as the relatives of the bereaved, so that they can be able to overcome this trying time.

It has been revealed that the truck driver simply lost control of the vehicle and ended up crashing head-on into the vehicle that was being driven by this family and died unfortunately, they lost their lives because it was such a high impact accident that really claimed the lives of the people in the family.

Right now everyone has basically sympathizing what a man and hoping that he can be strong and overcome the situation, now he definitely has to start from scratch yourself as a new man beginning in your life.

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Qhubekani Moyo


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