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An unknown tombstone has been erected on a wrong grave: check out you may have the right info:


Mahlangu and his family are still in shock to find their beloved one's grave with a tombstone that they don't know.

Mahlangu and his family are from Tweefontein Village in mpumalanga.

According to Mahlangu, the tombstone was not erected the last time he visited the grave site in April 2021. According to the source Mahlangu says the tombstone on top of his wife's grave is for some one who was born in 1985 and died in 19 92 while his wife was born in 19 58 And died in 1996

Mahlangu says he wanted to put the stone for his wife, he only have money problem. And now he have been asking around if there is any one with the information of the responsible family for the tombstone but he got no luck.


Mpumalanga is unlike joburg where there are few spaces to burry our loved ones. It is no longer sprising to find more than two graves on the same place. But mpumalanga! What could have happened?


Mahlangu is requesting the family that erected the tombstone on top of his wife s grave to come and fix the error they made.

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Mahlangu Tweefontein


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