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South African Must Leave The Elderly Foreigners Alone And Chase The Younger Ones, They Are Stronger

South African Must Leave The Elderly Foreigners Alone And Chase The Younger Ones Because They Are Stronger (Opinion). 

A video of an angry mob threatening to burn an elderly lady who is accused of being a foreigner has been shared on Facebook. In the video, the lady brings out an ID to show that she is a South African national. However, the mob believes that the ID is fake and she must go home together with other foreigners. 

South Africans have taken to the streets to get rid of foreigners under a campaign called Operation Dudula. Indeed South Africans are tired and they want to claim their country back but their way of doing it is questionable. 

This video of an old lady getting evicted for a place even though she has an ID is painful to watch. The lady is old and does not have the power to fight for herself. Imagine leaving for work and leaving your old mother behind and when you come back you find that she has been chased away or has been mistreated by people who believe she is a foreigner. Besides that, it is inhumane for people to approach the elderly like that because we should respect our elders. 

South Africans should go after the foreign youth and not the elderly. The elderly cannot fight. They are people's parents and do not deserve to be treated that way. It is better to go after the younger ones because they are stronger and they can fight back. Furthermore, they will be able to start a life at home even when they are deported. They have higher chance of surviving than the elderly. 

While South Africans are still at it, they should be reminded that the elderly deserve to be respected regardless of their nationality. 

Do you think the elderly should be treated the same way as all other foreign nationals or they deserve a little bit of respect at least? Share your thoughts down below. 

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