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Road Accident

Man Overturns Car After Trying to Flee Off With S_ex Workers

An out-of-luck unidentified South African man from allegedly Pretoria, was met with karma last weekend after he was involved in an accident immediately after trying to flee of with two ladies.

The ladies are believed to be sex workers.

In the video, two furious women are seen walking away from the accident along a highway in an unidentified neighbourhood in South Africa. The are speaking in Spitori language ( a mix of South African languages)

They are heard saying: he slept with us the after he tried to flee with us. Just because we are selling."

NB: Please not that the video is of sensitive nature.

Video can be watched here

The video has since receive too much attention on social media, see what users are sayings

"Their quarrel has nothing to do with being bonked is it not??? Their anger stems from being fraudulently bonked without payment," wrote a user.

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