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Road Accident

Car crashed into the dining room in the midnight and injured family members

Mrs Nonceba Tholibadi is still shock about have happened at their house located in Khayelitsha when she was sleeping and heard the big bang that was hitting her house, she said she was told by her children that, there's a car inside their house. She said residents were helping them out.

She said other children they have escaped using windows and when she was also outside by the help of neighbors, she realized that her own daughter was not with other children's who have escaped.

She said, she and her neighbors, they searched through the house and they have found her injured by the car, they have contacted the ambulance, unfortunately it needed to be escorted , then they hired a private car to transport the injured child.

Nonceba explain that, the car had a driver who was using wheelchair and a passenger woman , they never get any serious injuries, she went on saying that they have promised to rebuild the house for them.

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Nonceba Tholibadi


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