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WATCH: Stop giving People your money, See the witchcraft they do with it

As the December time approaches, people tend to ask for money and that could end very badly. People came out to warn him not to give money with his, as it could be used against him. Another shocking incident leaves South Africans speechless: an R20 note was found tied to a tree.

The money was linked to the knowledge of someone who wanted to block the path of the person who gave him the money. It is very sad that people with a pure heart give money and do not know that it could cause them problems. 

South Africans are warned against such practices, as people tend to use the same money you gave them against them. People see this as witchcraft, the R20 bill makes the person run out of money or worse, lose everything they worked hard for. People have been the victims of these types of incidents and have lost a lot in their lives. 

Others lose their jobs for no reason just because they give someone their money and use it to block their way. 

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