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From Police Officer to Alleged Serial Killer: See her Before and After Pics Of Rosemary /Opinion


The story of Rosemary Ndlovu has been trending for some time now, it has also gained international attention .Rosemary Ndlovu is accused of being a serial killer and being responsible for the death of six of her family members including her boyfriend .Rosemary apprarently killed them for Insurance money .

But before Rosemary became this alleged cold blooded killer who would kill anyone for insurance money she was a respected policewoman at her erea.Those who know her say they dont know how she became this monster she is today .See her before and after pictures .

Rosemary also now looks older than when she was i police uniform .I guess all the wickedness she has done has made her very ugly and old .In her police uniform she looks 30 at the court she looks 59.

Rosemary Ndlovu can face life in prison if she is found guilty .Right now she is not taking the court case serious and she is showing no remorse but she will realise how serious it is when she has been locked behind bars with a life sentence .By then it will be too late .As long she continues acting like she doesnt care what happens, the judge will have no choice but to not show remorse for her either.

Its really shocking watching someone act like this .Rosemary Ndlovu doesnt even show any sort of remorse for any of the crimes she is accused of .She acts as if she is being wrongly accused .Her behavious has many people to be interested in her and South Africans want a documentary done on her .

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