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Male Passenger Forcefully Raped a Woman in a Moving Train as Other Passengers Watched.

Fiston Ngoy, a 35-year-old Philadelphia man, was sentenced to prison after forcibly sleeping with a lady on a moving train. The man conducted the horrible deed in public, with several passengers watching but doing nothing.

The man was seen on a CCTV camera mounted by the Transport Authority in a train that was heading to Upper Darby on Wednesday night. On the footage, the man was seen thrusting himself into the woman.

Despite other passengers observing what was going on, they did nothing to assist the woman; it was only a SEPTA employee who was drawn to the spectacle and called 911 that drew police attention, who eventually caught the man who was still enjoying himself.

In the meantime, the woman was brought to a local hospital, where physicians are treating her injuries as a result of the assault. Police in Upper Darby are currently studying CCTV material in order to identify the nearest witness who can provide an account of what happened.

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