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MUST WATCH: A video of a limpopo police officer giving out. License bribe

Most of people who are police officers or traffic officers they love corruption money, That is why they are many people who are outside of jail, even though they have committed crime but, because they will always say that they are not guilty.

Even licences some people didn’t go to learn to drive but they are being given a licenses by people who are hungry of money, people who are earning which is not fair but because our country is full of corruption they can do whatever they want and nothing will be done to them.

A person should learn that they have to go out foe everything m, they have to learn to drive in order to get the license , Not that they have to give out money because they have, but what is this man doing is wrong and things may turn bad to him, since the person whom he is giving him a license took a video.

watch a full video here

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