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A grade 8 learner was found in possession of drugs and firearm in school Mpumalanga

Grade 8 learner found in possession of drugs and firearm in school, in a school Mpumalanga called Hlangalezwe secondary school.

Anonymous report about the young boy carrying drugs to school and the in dangering other children, this could traumatise children and be in fear of going to school.

Anonymous learner was brave enough to share useful information about the young boy found with the drugs, the boys name is Lucky and it was also reported that he stay with his uncle who is a dangerous person in the community.

That could be the reason of the child to be disturbed, it was also Said the young grade 8 learner was selling the drug to old people. Then the firearm was used to scare of those that tried their luck.

The evidence was taken, photos of the evidence are trending on local social media in Mpumalanga.

The following story is quite sad the future generations is driven away from education and now tasting the life of gang-stars of drug smugglers will definitely disturb the child's future.

Social workers should cancel the child and put him back his child senses because in his mind they had installed an mindset of an drug hustlers.

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Anonymous Hlangalezwe Lucky Mpumalanga


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