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“I'm Embarrassed”, Is This An Official Response From Sisa Flatela? See This

There is a good reason why South Africans have been searching for Sisa Flatela recently, and we all know it.

In the event that you are still unaware of who she is, you are about to learn, but the public's reaction will undoubtedly differ after they learn what she has been trending for.

A picture of the YouTuber's private parts was allegedly released a few days ago, and social media went crazy as a result.

The bad thing about all of this is that she's undoubtedly been thinking about what she's going to do next after people have called her all kinds of things.

In retrospect, she may wish she hadn't done it, but social media has made it apparent that they don't care. The YouTuber is believed to have shared a video on a Twitter account yesterday.

The YouTuber appears to be having a wonderful time in the video; she is at a restaurant and is sipping what appears to be juice. She has a YouTube channel where she broadcasts videos of herself in various locations, so it's obvious that she does a lot of vlogging.

What if, as some have speculated, she is a traveler who is content with her lot in life? If so, what might have motivated her to act in such a reckless manner?

In a video she made in the restaurant, she is joking about and mentioning that she is embarrassed, which led to many thinking that this might be a recent video and that she is embarrassed because she is trending because of the picture of the private portion.

YouTuber's Twitter account appears to be recent, but some people have discovered that the account belongs to a different person, and this is the real one.

Since the whole world was going to be looking into her, it was only natural that her Twitter account would be shut. There is no way to view her postings and tweets unless you are following her, and even if you are following, she has the last say.

All in all, there is no recent video of the YouTuber in which she discusses the issue, and there probably won't be any in the near future. She may or may not break her quiet, but tweeps are probably waiting for her to do so, and if she does, she may once again rise to the top of the trending list.

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