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WARNING DISTURBING: woman tries to flee her own pit bull in lift as it mauls her in a horror attack

A pit bull mauls a woman in a lift as she tries to escape.

SPOILER WARNING: A woman had to battle her beloved pet pit bull off of her when it attacked and seized her arm in the apartment lift while she was tying her shoes.

The attack caught the victim completely off guard.

The owner of a dog that went feral and mauled her in an elevator was forced to battle for her life following the attack by her own dog.

Colombian woman, 25, was peacefully lacing her shoes in the living room of her Cucuta home on Sunday morning, when she was suddenly attacked by the four year old pit bull.

The woman was in excruciating pain and had no choice but to enter the elevator, but her dog refused to let go and followed her in.

The woman can be seen clambering into the shaft with the dog still fastened onto her arm in stomach-churning footage.

As she entered the lift, her dog followed her.

During the woman's screams, the savage beast begins to shake its head jerkily back and forth.

It takes a lot of effort and blood for the woman to sit up and start banging the lift buttons before she can finally escape into the lobby.

The woman somehow survived her gruesome ordeal, but her arm had to be amputated after it was ripped apart.


When the woman's neighbors learned of the shocking attack, they were shocked because the animal had always appeared friendly and had never shown aggression. They were shocked.

It was also noted that the woman would walk it with a muzzle on.

"When the animal leaped on her, the only thing she thought was that if she stayed on the fifth story, no one was coming to save her," a police official told La Opinian.

The buttons began to respond to her touch as she persevered.

A phalanx on her left hand is broken, as are two fingers on her right." She's still in the hospital and will be taken to a clinic for a medical treatment soon."

Authorities in the area have already indicated they will look into the living circumstances of the animals.

For a ten-day behavioral analysis, the Zoonosis Center of Health Secretariat in Ccuta will determine its fate.


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