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"Losing My legs was A Blessing," She said. Read Her Powerful Story

This woman by the name of Salome has been on an wheelchair for 21 years. She is now in her early 30's, and she sees her situation as as blessing. I hope you find her story as inspirational as she intended it to be.

She shared her story to encourage other people who are in the same situation, and also those who are in need of some uplifting due to life obstacles in general.

Salome is paralyzed from her abdomen down to her feet - by paralyzed she means she cannot feel anything from all those parts, due to spiral injuries.

This beautiful young woman was not born like this: 21 years ago, Salome fell and hit her back on a very big and strong rock, she emphasized. When this accident happened, she was 13 years old, and that is when her life took a drastic turn.

Like any normal person could experience, she mentioned that this has been a journey of tears, challenges, pain and most of all, big lessons that changed her life.

With all the struggles that came with being on a wheelchair, she still had hope, and did not give up on being somebody successful one day. The trauma of being hospitalized in a hospital that neither had enough nor appropriate equipment for the patients - She still survived, and did her part in making sure she was speedy recovering and heading towards being discharged.

When she was first told that she will never walk again, it did not make sense to her, and the fact that she was still very young - it devastated her to know that her childhood was taken away from her.

She was discharged after a year and three (3) months, which ended up being a year and eleven (11) months due to major circumstances. There was no available wheelchair for her, and leaving the hospital without one was useless because she was not going to survive being home without it. Another issue was her hospital bill, that she could not pay.

Salome was very lucky that the Nuns eventually bought her a wheelchair, and the hospital let her go because they realized that keeping her there will not make her have money to settle her bill and be discharged without owing the hospital.

"Not being able to walk is the least of your problems, there are other major problems like bladder problems," she said. She had to used diapers because campus was far from where she stayed so she could not keep up for that long

Her so called, "disability" did not stop her from achieving her dreams - She finished school, went to university and graduated. She always wanted to be a lawyer; however she did not, but became something else. She studied Finance for four (4) years, which she struggled very much financially, but the fact remains the same - She graduated.

Salome is now a mother of a young adorable boy, employed and she can drive her own car. Please comment below if you want a link to a video where she tells her story.

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Powerful Story Salome


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