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Look What This Young Lady Posted On Twitter That Touched People

In South Africa pretrol attendants are sometimes treated very badly by customers who look down on them, but South Africa is also the country of 'Ubuntu' which means that there are other people who appreciate pretrol attendants and treat them very well.

For example, this young lady took to her Twitter account to proudly post a picture that touched a lot of people, the young lady posted a picture showing herself holding her bank card and a R20 bank note as a tip for the pretrol attendant, and she said that this is how she always pays for petrol by giving the attendants tips.

"How i pay for my fuel, petrol attendants deserve to be appreciated ❤" - She wrote.

As already mentioned, people were touched by what the young lady posted on Twitter, and this is how some people them responded to her post...

"I think this is motivation for others to do the same. I also tip especially if they clean my windscreen and check the oil."

"And shame ama petrol attendants bazilungele."

"I usually give them between R5 and R10 depending on how great the service was or how much money I have to spare. Keep it up Queen 👑"

"Petrol attendants of South Africa always gives the best customer service."

"The sweetest people ever❤️ and they are always so appreciative of the tip however small or big. Definitely my faves🥰. Uthixo akusikelele mntase, kwande apho uthathe khona👏🏿"

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