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WATCH| A Group Of Zulu Men Decide To Hang Two Thieves

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People commit crimes forgetting that there are consequences that follow. The justice system has failed many people by failing to arrest the perpetrators. Victims of rape, gender-based violence, and any other victims are tired of bumping into their abusers walking free like they have not done anything wrong and they live in fear because they do not know whether this person will come back and kill them.

However, people have decided to take the law into their own hands and deal with alleged criminals. Some of the criminals are lucky to survive after gruesome beatings by angry community members as police arrive before they could finish him off but the mob aims to kill him.


An angry mob is capable of many things including murder, once one decides to partake in crime he or she must know that the people they violate every day are not stupid but they fear for their lives as at that time you may be having a weapon but once they are in power you will feel the heat.

Zulu-speaking men are known to be dangerous and hot-headed, most people are afraid of them including the government. There is a trending video of two men who are suspected to be thieves who were caught by Zulu-speaking men and we were manhandled.

During the video, these two men were stripped of their trousers, hanged, and beaten with sticks. When listening carefully, the Zulu men are trying to get some information from the two men as they were telling them to speak.

Public's Response

Most people find this content funny and they have stopped feeling sorry for the criminals as they also don't think about anyone but themselves when they violate human rights but some believe even the other men are criminals as what they are doing is against the law.

Author's Response

Crime does not pay, mob justice is a crime. Do not take the law into your hands because there will be no difference between you and the beaten criminal. Let us all be responsible citizens. Report crime does.

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