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Latest News| Amanda Du Pont reveals that she was raped by Jubjub...for 2 years.

Amanda tells it all


Sources: Amanda Du Pont Twitter page

Amanda has taken it to her social media pages to confess that Jubjub has raped and physically abused her for 2 years. Amanda confessed after Jubjub's interview on MacG's podcast where he reveals that he once dated Amanda before Kelly Khumalo. Jubjub is not a saint after all, Jubjub said many things on his interview as he was a victims but Amanda tells it all on her video. Amanda also added that she was afraid to leave the relationship because Jubjub and his morher used Muthi on her.

Few hours ago Jubjub was everyone's favourite person in South Africa because of his fake inspirational story. Amanda says that she tried to open a case against Jubjub but the police officer told her to go home, and think about what she is about to do to Jubjub. It seems like Jubjub has more scandals than we have thought. All of the sudden he looks like a saint into the people's eyes. What he did was unacceptable and this issue should be addressed and all of his victims get justice as well. The country was already starting to forgive him for what he has done and now things are no longer the same.

Jubjub said too much last night on MacG's podcast, he has implicated himself and he might go to jail again. When Jubjub came back to the public eye for the first time, people were happy to see him rising again and making his name clean again. South Africans were starting to support his work and watch his shows, he could loose everything at this point on his life. All of his hard work may go down to drain because of having files to other people's lives other than him.

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