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'A Man's Hand Must Be Like This' Check The Hand Of This Guy

16/08 /2022


A young man took it to Twitter to show people what a hand of a man must look like.

Mafanele shared his hand on Twitter showing people what a man's hand must be like. According to Mafanele, a man's hand must look different from a woman's hand. A man's hand must look tough and strong with scars showing that is working hard.

Many people believe that a man's hand must look rough to show that he is making clean money. Their hands are soft, and they are not making clean money. Most are likely involved in corruption and scams.

However, some people didn't agree with this statement. These days we have doctors, lawyers, and professors, surely their hands won't be tough because they are not dealing with cement and concrete.

"We are not all bricklayers, mechanics, or Zama Zamas. That hand is just like a gravel road, it needs grease and old engine oil to repair. 6 candles and paraffin to fix," said McQueen.

What's your view about this matter, do you agree Man's Hand Must be like that or not?

Leave your comments below and check what others said on Twitter.

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