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" I Might Never Go Mall Shopping After What Happened To My Mom And I At Sandton Shopping Mall"

Despite the fact that shopping malls and centers are convenient places to shop, it appears that there may be more sinister activities taking place in these malls that people should be aware of.

This is the story of how a woman by the handle of on Twitter nearly became the victim of a robbery syndicate in the Sandton Mall in Johannesburg. As she recounted her own experiences, this woman said: "I've had enough of going to the mall. I walked out of a business in Sandton City and noticed this guy staring at me, so I approached him. Let's hurry into that biscuit shop right now since we're being followed, I told my mom as soon as I walked down the escalators. As we hide, we notice the man approaching."

"searches down the escalators as if searching for us. A guy he is calling appears to be looking about, and the guy he is calling is likewise looking around. The first man then returns to the surface, most likely in search of other individuals, while the new man appears to be searching ", it's.

"We wind up spending quite a bit of time here. We're taking off our jackets to blend in a little better. Eventually, we make our way out of the store. Fortunately, as we make our way into Mandela Square, I spot the second man following us, and he's surrounded by armed guards. I take the time to explain things to him ".

"what's going on My finger also goes to the individual who has faked to join the line at the local bank. Security is willing to help us get to our car. There is an organized crime gang operating in the mall parking lot, he claims. It's also unclear who exactly is".

"Whoever these people are, they look credible to me. In fact, the other man carried a paper bag from a nearby store with him. We were lucky that nothing bad occurred to us. My poor mother was devastated "As a matter of fact,.

We can only think what could have happened if this woman and her mother had not been so alert.

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