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Its December Time, Stay Safe With These Safety Tips In Public Or Malls

Festive season is the most enjoyable time that many people look up to and this time of the year is the busiest time you can think of. Some people have planned trips to go and see their families, some are planning vacations to go an relax somewhere beautiful and expensive.

We all want to enjoy this time of the year because is only comes one a year and is when we saying goodbyes to 2021.

However, in South Africa alone, many people face things that they never thought they would encounter in their lives.

Most South Africans have been the victims of many crimes in this particular time, but the most common crimes are Robberies, Pocket picking, Vehicle hijackings and the one that we can only call it "witchcraft", because it is robbery but the don't take your money by force. They touch you, and same time talk to you and once they are gone, also the money is gone.

These things happen every day in our communities but no one has thought of giving people of South Africa safety tips of how to avoid being victims of these such crimes.

Let's look at simple but effective ways one can avoid criminals.

Car Hijacking

The thing is, criminals do not just come to you and hijack you first time unless they that dangerous.

They study the victims daily routine. Like when does She leave the house, which route that She use mostly and When does She come back home.

So change your route frequently to avoid being stalked and hijacked. Avoid places you are not familiar with and if you suspect you are being followed, just accelerate to see their reaction and if they do accelerate with you, take a turn and the next one to see they really following you and call the police if you can or rush into a Petrol station or place where you can quickly get out of the car and head straight to a building.

But if you are at gunpoint, is better to surrender and give them what they want and live to see another day on earth.

Pocket picking

This is simple. Just avoid confined spaces where you find you self bumping to other people and being a victim.

If it happens you are a grocery store, don't allow people to breath on your neck. Ask for some space from the person behind you or move off the queue and only put your trolley on line. Your purse or bags must always be to the front.

Don't ever open your bag and leave it open. Don't put you phone, wallet or any valuable on top of your grocery. They are fast and can distract you as simple as that.

Touch, talk money gone, witchcraft.

Avoid people you do not know by all means. Just walk away without a word. Show anger and stubbornness on your face and keep quiet. All they want is for you to talk.

Rather move away for a person to pass that bumping them. Because you have to say "Sorry".

ATM Stranger Help

Tell the person behind you to keep a distance amd do not allow anyone saying, "this ATM has a problem, you must do this and that to get money.

Your your cancel key (red button) same time someone approaches you fast to help you.

Avoid empty atm, because they want that opportunity or use cash back options at grocery stores.

Remember these people work every kind of person you can think of, so trust no one even a pregnant woman.

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Content created and supplied by: DumisaNxusani (via Opera News )

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