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A scam | It ended in tears for a lady who decided to order her sofa online

Have you ever bought something online and it comes exactly the way it was displayed or you have had a bit of disappointments with online shopping. Online shopping is a risk on its own, you never know what you are buying until it gets straight into your hands. With the pandemic currently going on most people prefer to shop online to maintain social distancing and it's convenient than going in store. 

To a lady's surprise she got what she didn't expect after she saw a beautiful sofa advertised online. She saw the sofa online and decided to text the seller to ask for more pictures. The pictures sent were nothing close to what she had displayed online. From the color to the quality it was clear to see it was not the same. When the buyer asked why it doesn't look the same, camera quality was to blame. That sofa was worn out even though the seller was saying it was 3 months old, that was so unbelievable. 

Make sure to go to reliable sites to make your online shopping so that if a product doesn't meet your requirements you can easily return it without hassle. 

Do you prefer online shopping or instore shopping? Comment down below.


Content created and supplied by: BlueQueen😍 (via Opera News )


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