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Exceptional Policeman Resues Pensioner In A High Density River In Free State

A policeman rescued a helpless old age woman from the river, this is what happened… The policeman had left his house to go the police station to start off his day when he heard a scream from the riverside. The policeman bravely went into the bushes to see what was going on, only to find community members surrounding the old lady helplessly as she was asking for help.

The policeman mentioned that he is not a good swimmer at all but he was willing to take a risk for the old woman. He said that he dived into the water, there were many tree branches therefore the old woman was holding into one of the branches. 

The old woman asked the policeman how he will help her without a rope and the policeman told her to leave it to him, he asked her to take a grip of his belt. At this moment he was not afraid to drown as his main goal was to save the old woman.

This incident took place in Kgoptjane river, it is alleged that the d woman went to the river with the intention of committing suicide, this was due to the financial strains and debts that have been caused by lockdown

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