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350 SRD Grant: Good news to all refugees and people who do not have Identity Documents

SRD grant has been introduced for another 6 Months to be paid to individuals who are unemployed. People will be paid for the second time this month and the grant is helping many unemployed people living in South Africa. This time SASSA is giving chance to many people who are in need of the money as they are now allowing refugees to apply for the grant even if you dont have an ID. If you have a birth certificate but don't have an ID all they need is your Identity number.

SASSA does not allow you to be paid in someone's account so if you don't have an account you can be paid through other payment method e.g cash send. If you chooose to be paid through your bank account make sure you have given correct details and if the bank account is not in your name you won't be paid as SASSA is not allowed to pay you with someone's bank account.

Asylum Seekers and Specisl permit holders can now qualify for the grant as long as ypur papers are in order and has not yet expired. Foreigners who were are unemployed but are living in South Africa legally with valid papers can now apply for the grant. The grant is not only for South African citizens but to all the people living in South Africa lawfully.

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