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People reacted after seeing a lady who put her baby in a bag on her birthday

A birthday is one of the special moments in everyone's life, as it is a reminder of the day that a person was born. Every person has his/her own way of celebrating their own birthday.

A lady on social media also posted a picture of her on her birthday and showed people how she was celebrating her birthday.

You can also see on the ground in her picture that there is a lot of alcohol which becomes clear that this lady is planing on drinking on her birthday. However people on social media also noticed that this lady was holding a bag and inside that bag was a baby.

Some people on social media saw this picture as cute and saw nothing wrong with this picture. This lady also may have thought it was a great thing to put her baby in a bag and maybe also she saw nothing wrong with what she has done. However there was some people who were against what this lady did to her baby, as they said that what was done to this baby was not right.

However her baby does not look uncomfortable in that bag that this lady put this baby in and surely this lady must love her baby a lot and would not do anything that would make her baby be uncomfortable. Surely here she was just taking a photo that she will post on social media of her and her baby in it. However this lady also mentioned that her boyfriend had broken up with her after seeing this picture. Surely her boyfriend did not like this picture hence he broken up with her. 

Here are some of the comments that people on social media after seeing this lady posting a picture of her baby in a bag.

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