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Husband and wife relationship

My Husband Plucked Out My Eyes And Did This To Me, - Lady Narrates (Video)


An outcry has erupted across Kenyan social media platforms a day after the heartbreaking story of Mourine Omollo, a victim of gross domestic violence, was revealed in a candid interview conducted by revered Tuko journalist Lynn Ngugi. Kenyans of all faiths are outraged at how the implicated ex-husband has been able to live freely three years after the incident.

The terrible situation of Mourine at the hands of her ex-husband Joseph Owino has left many Kenyans in disbelief. They are baffled as to how the horrible spouse escaped the punishment of the Kenyan court system despite permanently disfiguring his victim.

She revealed in the teary interview that her estranged husband was charged with assaulting her with a panga and inflicting injuries on her eye and two fingers, but that he was never sent to jail. The interview was first broadcast live on Facebook yesterday, and Mourine shed tears as she shared her story.

One result of the court's pressure on them to reach a hasty arrangement in which Owino agreed to care for Maureen and their children while also paying for all of their medical expenses was this development. An agreement that the heartless husband never followed through on, and a court that did not follow up on the matter either.

Since then, a number of kind Kenyans have pledged to contribute to the cause and to monitor the situation to see that justice is served.

Lynn Ngugi has already appealed to Kenyan lawyers who have been moved by the harrowing narrative of Mourine to contact her and assist her in pursuing the case pro gratis.


Wendy: These factors make me quite paranoid about marriage, and as a result, I am reluctant to enter into one. Lynn, please check your email. I have contacted out to you, and we will discuss how to proceed with the case in court. It is necessary to seek restitution. Domestic abuse must be rejected.

Sarah: This is quite painful, aki. In addition to being extremely poisonous, people who are capable of inflicting physical agony on their wives are also experts at making the victim believe that they are in the wrong. I'll talk to a close buddy who happens to be a competent lawyer to see if he can offer any assistance.

Amani: It was heartbreaking to witness this. If only she had been given more authority when she was younger. Hii kesi lazima ifuatiliwe vilivyo ifuatiliwe vilivyo. How on earth can a judge order a search of a local arrangement rather than incarcerating the perpetrator?

To watch the tragic interview in its entirety, please see the link below.

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