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Rape Obscene

Sunday world has it that " EFF Gauteng Leader Accused of Raping Student" See what people says

EFF Gauteng leader accused of raping student, D student will be insulted under a slogan sent by Stellenbosch Mafia, No wonder they are mum about the ratings in Krugersdorp. They harbor rapists, I sometimes think y'all just love commenting. How are they mum when Esinawo Tambo was at the SABC speaking about those very rapes from Krugersdorp? He went there to the Studio to condemn the stripping of alleged rapists, not the matter. The pressure from people took him there to pretend, No wonder the EFF is nowhere to be found when communities are dealing with rapists and criminals. 

They felt sorry for rapist when community dealt with them decisively they didn't say anything about rape victims. No wonder they've been defending the rapists in Krugersdorp.

What do you expect from people who promote Anarchy? so that they pardoned from accounting from such incidents. Hopefully, she wouldn't be accused of being from Rogue Tellies agent, and having enjoyed it. Bloody rapists. They must be exposed these rapists who are protecting illegal foreigners because they are the same watsap group. The EFF says they will conduct its investigation as well. They are following due process. That was what they are telling us, but can't wait for processes to unfold when others r involved. Talk of double standards.

I have been trying to open this,but somehow is not opening. Is it because there isn't story here? Juju will defend him like he defended Zuma, I wonder if he also gave taxi fare, Is this not a fabricated story? Sunday world must provide full details. If that lady asked for Uber money is not a rape according to EFF pillars. I think it is in the police hands since the matter is alleged to have been reported to them, what are the police waiting for? 

Someone said on Twitter that, I believe her, it looks like EFF that's how they roll, Malema defended he's father Zuma with a rape case, I'm she he Malema will say the poor girl enjoys it.


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