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The latest staggering news when Vuyi discovers an uncovered grave.

Shocking news as they discover a grave opened.

Intel says that the undertaker had lowered the dead person coffin into the grave, after that the undertaker left the family and a grave without being covered. It was said that the undertaker did not wait for the municipal workers to cover the grave, plus the digging machine as not available at their position.

The grave was opened for approximately four hours going up. The family members and friends were traumatised because the grave was left opened for that long. 

Another member from a different funeral namely Vuyi Masia said that they attended their funeral next to the opened grave, surprisingly.

Well, we were informed that even the dead bodies do transmit coronavirus to a live host, but these such mistakes could lead to other members within the funerals will get infected and the chases are high. This was irresponsible of them.

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