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Witchcraft?| A guy leaves Mzansi in disbelief after sharing what happened to his car, see here

A guy recently took to social media pictures of his car after hitting something. As most people are aware that when it comes to driving from one place to another, a lot can happen. Sometimes it is due to speeding and other times it may be the unexpected situations. With that being said the guy hit a chicken resulting in one of his car lights destroyed.

However people were left in disbelief after seeing what a small animal could do to a car. Some couldn't help but wonder why a chicken would cause so much damage to his entire light. Others were convinced that it was probably witchcraft.

Because according to their observations it didn't make sense how an animal that small could cause so much damage to a car. Some highlighted how weird it is that these kinds of animals do have a tendency of showing up out of nowhere on the roads. Some mentioned that there's no witchcraft involved but it is probably the speeding which led to such. See more of people's reactions down below;

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