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Pics :SeeThe Famous Konka Club in Soweto for Rich People That Sells a Bottle of Alchohol for R60K


A club in Soweto has attracted the attention of many.The club is located in Soweto and has become a spot for rich black people.Outside you wil find cars such as porches, range rovers and rolls royce .Needles to say the food and alcohol there also doesn't come cheap .

The price of alcohol at Konka has left South Africans speechless.You can find a bottle of alcohol being sold for R60 000.People can spend R100K on a single night just like that as if its nothing. See below.

Many people suspect that Konka is a place used for money laundering, thats where black people come to clean their illegal money.No matter how rich a person is there is no sane person who can spend R100K or more on alcohol on a single night.Even billionaires are not that reckless when it comes to money .Some people think that SARS must investigate the club and especially the people who come there and spend thousands on a single night

However to a greater extent there are some really hardworking black people with illegitimate businesses who have worked hard to change their status quo.We must not always asssume that every black sucessful black person is doing something illegal to get the money .Some people at the Konka club are people who are enjoying their hard work .Its not always right to jump to the conclusions that all rich black people.are doing illegal things .Most importantly South Africans must not think the club is being used for money laundering just beacause rich people go there .They built a brand that is worthy of millionaires and billionaires, can we celebrate that .

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