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Theft robbery

'This Is What A Family Woke Up To In Their Yard

The community members are concerned after spotting a red VW polo packed in the morning when they woke up one day and this has been a serious concern so they thought perhaps the owner will come back and take it, the vehicle was parked dangerously close to a yard that it gave off the impression that the vehicle belonged to someone who stayed at the premises however no one could account for the car.

So the community and the neighbours were alarm so they started asking questions around the community, as to the owner of the vehicle in the picture in order to find him.

This has been alarming to an extent where the police were also contacted and informed about the suspicious vehicle which was parked dangerously into the yard of an ordinary member of the public, however the police have not made the effort to come and reclaim the vehicle and the community members are afraid that the vehicle have been stolen somewhere.

The suspects could have simply abandoned it right at their premises in order to see if there was no tracking device, which was installed in it that would be investigated by taking companies and the police.

Involved in the robbery and in the theft of motor vehicles are not always doing such activities where we see them stealing their vehicles and proceeding to park it somewhere on the road, this is usually done in order to see if the vehicle will not be recovered by any tracking companies.

And in which case if it is not discovered the suspects proceed to take the vehicle away and then they proceed to do the criminal activities, these types of criminals are usually not the ones who are stealing the vehicles in order to strip it for car parts that are going to be sold off as second-hand car parts.

These suspects are also not the ones who steal vehicles for the sole purpose of smuggling them out of the country and it is clear that they could be simply amateur hijackers or just the common criminals who steal vehicles for the sole purpose of reusing them, right now they’re going to try to repaint the car and temper with it some way in order to make it virtually impossible for the police officers to detect that it was a stolen vehicle.

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