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A Young Man Complained To A Bolt Driver, See The Respond He Got And How People Reacted On This

A Bolt driver is a person providing transportation services via the Bolt platform.

Bolt drivers receive a ride request via your Bolt driver app, then pick up the client and driver to the rider's destination. If the ride happens, the rider has the option to pay the money via the app or cash.

A young man shared a screenshot of a conversation between himself and a Bolt driver. This caused a stir on Twitter. This young man's Twitter username is Nape_MM. In the screenshot he shared the Bolt driver told him that a local ride after 21H00 costs R50.

People complained after seeing this. They said that most cash trip has an additional fee regardless where you are going.

A young man commented under the tweet and mentioned that he cancelled two trips when a R19-22 trip was added to R33.

Some made jokes about how the Bolt driver responded the young man. They also mentioned that this is not fair.

They also mentioned that Bolt driver charge for luggage also.

When the demand for rides is high, rates are increased to encourage drivers to get on the road. The Bolt fee is paid based on the fare of each transportation service order that you have completed.

Bolt rides are also charged per trip. There is a single price calculated through the platform that is charged to the person that hails the ride.

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