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Rochelle Louw Arrested AGAIN For Thef

Rochelle Louw appeared in the Bethal Court yesterday for charges of theft after she allegedly drove off a fuel filling station without paying for the fuel.

Rochelle previously appeared in the Bethal Magistrates Court for charges of theft of copper. The 36 year old appeared in court on the 27th of January and the case was later postponed

Seemingly, she can not seem to be able to stay out of trouble, during her most recent appearance, the bail hearing had to be postponed due to technical difficulties that the court faced, the court had difficulties with the recording equipment and the case had to be postponed.

Rochelle as a 2nd time offender of theft in 2 different cases, angered many people, who believe that the law is not punishing people who are guilty of crimes, if Rochelle had been punished the first time, she would not have committed another crime of theft.

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