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Why do residents get service delivery before elections only but not even afterwards?

Communities are inhabited by people who use different resources which are found in their area for their own survival. But, whenever an area has a shortage of a particular resource, their day to day life is massively affected. And, it is at this point that the people or political parties voted to power come in the local municipalities should intervene and try to resolve the issues.

For instance, if the local community lack water or clean water, then the municipality should make it a point that they drill and insert pipes and taps for households to access water since it is a basic daily need. If by any chance the municipality cannot provide permanent solution due to shortage of finances; they should try and have a temporary alternative such as delivering water by trucks daily.

But, unfortunately things are not as they should be in our day and age, it is lackluster service delivery in the year of elections. Things will be done in a hurry in the final months of the elections in order to bribe and manipulate residents’ mind and this result in lack of quality of the service provided. Going towards the elections, one will see people in orange and blue work suits trying to fix what communities have been crying about for a long time.

The elected party or independent candidate usually spend five years in office, they have enough time to plan and execute their plans in the community but nothing is executed in communities. Communities are facing a huge challenges in terms of access to smooth movement, lack of proper infrastructure such as police station or clinic, shortage of water, electricity or some even housing.

In the midst of all these, they try and start projects in the last year of office and invite people to apply for employment on contract basis and afterwards the same people remain unemployed. This is done over and over again; it leaves one to ask themselves, is service delivery meant to be delivered when a holder of office think that their position is under threat or it should be delivered throughout tenure?

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