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Man Shares WhatsApp Texts Begging His Friend For Food Then Good Samaritans Did This

Many people live in poverty and live from hand to mouth. Not many are able to afford basic needs like a loaf of bread on a daily basis, or even electricity. Some can't even afford proper clothing or a proper home.

The poverty is so bad that it even affects certain kids at school who only have one meal a day which they find at school only. Some are forced to grow up quickly and take on adult responsibilities by selling things or even begging just so they can eat. When the

pandemic hit South Africa, the country was forced to close down, and many people lost their jobs due to this. This even made the poverty level in the country worse and the unemployment rate increased, but luckily the government considered how citizens would be affected by this and introduced the unemployment grant to assist people with being able to afford basic things, even though it is not enough to buy proper groceries because of inflation.

A man on Twitter wrote about how he is affected by unemployment and how it is affecting his family as well, because they have nothing to eat. He asked his friend for help. And the good friend has told him that they could come over to eat breakfast at his home. He also shared that he was rejected three times for the uneployment grant. 

The chats touched some citizens, and they offered a helping hand. Many people are struggling at the moment. Some do not know where their next meal will come from. Many children go to school hungry and go home hungry. If you are able to be like some of these citizens and offer a helping hand, help them.

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