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SAD| Mother of two kids sadly took her life after losing in a depression battle

Depression is real, and it has wrecked lives, professions, relationships, marriages, and so on. Because of illiteracy and a lack of in-depth understanding about depression, we have lost dear friends and family members. Black people don't fully understand what depression is or what causes it. To make matters worse, due to a lack of expertise, they are unable to determine whether or not a person is suffering from it. They only know it's an illness that affects people mentally, which is why they'll never notice or recognize a depressed person.

Seeing someone cheerful and smiling on a daily basis does not imply that they are doing well in life; having everything or being wealthy does not imply that you are free of procrastination.

And this is where the difficulty begins, because we have a tendency to pass judgment before gathering facts, so we shouldn't be surprised if someone is found dead due to depression.

What I've found is that we, as black people, are so ready to judge and criticize that we've never given ourselves the chance to listen and assist others, and then we act empathetic and loving. when a person is no longer alive.

This woman's life could have been saved if she had friends, a true family who knows how to help a person in any situation they find themselves in, but because we are human, we look down on one other, which is why people still die of depression.

When you look at what she said on social media, it's evident that she's been through a lot in her life. Her posts suggest that she's lonely and unhappy, but it's because those close to her couldn't put themselves in her shoes to understand what was wrong.

In a circumstance that could have been averted, her children will now grow up without a mother

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