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A Boy spotted doing homework under street light because of luck of electricity at home


Salim Khamis, a Grade 6 pupil at Jola Urabi Primary in Shanzu who was caught on camera doing homework under street lights received help from people who wanted the best.

According to Gift A Girl Child Initiative Diana Chitsaka Mwangala, Salim received a solar panel, battery, switches, foundations, inverter, and bulbs to help her and her siblings learn and complete their homework even at night.

To share the good news with Kenyans on Facebook, Diana posted photos of nature alongside naturalist Emmanuel Mbaji Mruu who first shared photos of Salim online at an electronics store that buys the aforementioned items.

Diana thanked all the good people who contributed to the right course.

"So far Soo Good has bought a solar system. Solar panel, battery, switches, bases, inverter, bulbs. Our boy will have free lights everywhere. He can study at home without difficulty. God bless you so much my good friends and family with support. Diana. Chitsaka, the Party Leader and Founder DIDN'T GIVE A GIRL. "

The lady also shared her pictures of the official giving to the Salim family in Shanzu.

"I still blame the boy's mother. The boy was still at school. Thank you to my Facebook friends for always standing by me in supporting our vulnerable children.

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