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A woman committed suicide in Sandton City Mall after jumping double story



A woman committed suicide after jumping double stories in Sandton City.

Also, common sense is very important, especially in situations that can impact a person's life negatively. All of you that say she was pushed, besides watching the video, just ask yourself why was the video only captured at this point? Common sense tells me that it's because there's something that was happening before this point, something like this lady threatening to commit suicide and maybe people trying to convince her not to. Then when she finally ran away, because of what they know (people who were present) they knew what she was going to do, they then took out their phones to take a video and the poor guy was running after her to try and rescue her. But she was already hanging from the rail, literally on the verge of falling.


Now I'm leaving common sense out at this point, and looking at the video, the point where she fell. The guy's hand did touch hers but it wasn't strong enough to rescue her, she was already over the rail and she proceeded to jump because she wanted to die, and not to be rescued. She jumped with a force, more force than the force of the guy's hand because she wanted her suicide attempt to succeed more than she wanted to be rescued.


How does one get pushed when she was already sitting on the rail ready to jump as soon as she saw the person approaching from the top side of the stairs?

Look closely as the steps moved up she was already climbing on top of the rail. 

The person was trying to stop her from jumping they were a bit late to grab her hand.

Don't know if it's true but word out there says she was being chased for shoplifting and was escaping from the mall security how one was approaching from the top so she resorted to jumping 🤷‍♀️


Here is an unfortunate Reminder to Please check up on your loved ones not everyone is coping this was in Sandton City 😭😭😭😭🥺😢

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