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Road Accident

" It is hard to say rest in peace". The horrible accident that claimed a-15-year old's life

Losing someone you loved with your whole heart is so painful, be it your sibling, parent, brother, sister, aunt, uncle or your friend. It is hard to get over that pain especially when there is a constant reminder of that unbearable sorrow. Flashbacks will always make it hard for you to forget about your loved one who is deceased. Is it possible to just pretend that nothing happened and move on with your life when your loved one, the person you shared a lot with or confided in is no more? ... No it's not!

Coming to terms with the fact that your loved one is gone is not an easy thing. Sinethemba Makonko is mourning the demise of his younger brother who lost his life in a tragic accident yesterday. He was still young with a bright future ahead of him.

A Toyota Quantum that was speeding collided with a bus yesterday and one of the people who lost their lives who were in that Toyota Quantum is Sinethemba Makonko's younger brother.

Taxi drivers are always speeding on the road. They always gamble with people's lives. Unfortunately many people have lost their lives due to their recklessness. How many more must pass away before taxi drivers realize that it is not good to step on the accelerator pedal and exceed the speed limit?

Most taxi drivers do not adhere to the road signs. They normally don't stop even when the robot has turned red.

The speed of all the taxis must be limited to 100km/h. What they are doing is not funny anymore. Families are losing breadwinners and future leaders because of them.

They are always driving like they are in a race to win medals. A young boy lost his life because of a foolhardy driver. Taxi drivers have to stop acting like they own the roads. They are not the only drivers on the road. Enough is enough!

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