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Meet The American Man Who Have Killed Over 40 Of His Patients And Why

When someone who is expected to care for and assist in the restoration of life in dying persons turns out to be their killer, it can be frightening. The story of Charles Cullen, the first known American nurse, is one in which she, rather than assisting in the saving of patient lives, assisted in the termination of patients' lives.

Charles Cullen was born on the 22nd of February 1960, in the city of London. Cullen's father was a bus driver who died in a car accident seven months after Cullen's birth. It was on the 6th of December, 1977, when Cullen learned of his mother's death and was devastated. In the United States, she was killed in an automobile accident while driving.

Cullen was reportedly bullied by the people who were interested in his sisters when he was growing up. Some of his schoolmates also bullied him, which he found upsetting. Cullen's childhood was technically ruined as a result of his father's death, and at the age of nine, he attempted to commit suicide for the first time. Later in his life, he attempted a number of further suicide attempts, all of which were unsuccessful.

Cullen eventually enlisted in the United States Navy, but was later released on medical grounds after his officers became suspicious of his strange behavior while on active duty. The hallmarks of despair and mental instability were beginning to emerge in him. Following his retirement from the Navy, he went on to study and eventually become a nurse. This was the point at which Cullen began his long string of homicides that would span the rest of his life.

Cullen worked for a number of hospitals in the United States of America during his 16-year nursing career, and during each of his visits to the hospitals, he murdered one or two patients by administering lethal injections of insulin, digoxin, and epinephrine in excess of the recommended quantity. In the meantime, Cullen continued to murder his patients with these drugs unnoticed for several years, until he was arrested for murder in December 2003 after being fired from Somerset, the last hospital where he worked, and where he also murdered a couple of patients before being fired on October 31, 2003. Cullen was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole in December 2003.

During the course of the investigation, Cullen admitted to killing additional patients, which triggered a cascade of findings about the murder histories of his victims. Cullen was finally sentenced to 18 consecutive life terms after pleading guilty to the murder counts against him and after pleading guilty to the offenses against him. Cullen is currently incarcerated, where he is serving the remainder of his sentence.




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