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If Your Gas Catches Fire, Don't Be Afraid Just Do These Things To Quench The Fire

Around the world, but especially in Nigeria, the use of gas for cooking is becoming more and more common. This is so that it is speedier, more effective, and simpler to use. It has certain disadvantages in addition to all of its benefits. Some of which have the potential to kill innocent people.

The chance of a gas explosion is the main danger posed by using gas. In many areas of Nigeria, gas explosions are one of the leading causes of mortality. As a result, it is advised to avoid it. Don't panic if your gas does start a fire; there is a way to put it out.

1. As soon as you find a towel, quickly soak it in a bowel of water and detergent.

2. Wherever the explosion is coming from, cover the cylinder with the towel to quickly put out the fire.

"Prevention is better than cure," says the proverb. If you don't want your gas to explode, I'll give you a list of a few things you should never do.

1. Check your gas nozzle for damage; if it is, gas could leak and catch fire.

2. Under no circumstances should you fill your gas tank all the way up; doing so could result in leaks.

3. Make sure your burner is functioning properly. Problematic burners have a higher chance of igniting and exploding.

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