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Theft robbery

In Shock| Two Suspects Shot After A Shootout At Ishaak Butchery In Duduza

Crime is becoming a norm and perpetrators are always getting your way with various crimes. It is quite disturbing that most of the perpetrators were armed and they often try to fight back when law enforcement officers or securities try to stop them from stealing. The law enforcement officers should try to disarm perpetrators because crime won't decrease if they have something to defend themselves. Community members have to look over their shoulders each time they leave their homes and even worse some of them go to people's houses to take their possessions.

It is even worse that sometimes these perpetrators take people's lives over materials. The justice system should not continue being weak, therefore perpetrators will lose their confidence. Three suspects were fatally shot and two unlicensed firearms recovered following a shootout between the suspects and security guards during a business robbery at Ishaak Butchery in Duduza. These security guards did a good job.

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